The Koalas’ Gigs in 2005

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A1’s Welcome to Summer Party Bay Park, June 18
Recording Session Vista, August 17

Recording Session
August 17, 2005. Vista.

Not a gig but still an event. We met at the newly expanded Casa de Kelli y Steve and laid down some new tracks. Phil brought his iMac and GarageBand, while Jason Hart, a Four Seasons Aviara friend of Tony, helped out as a recording engineer.

Photos: Jason figuring out the recording equipment, Ted figuring out two blocks of wood, Steve on harmonica for Long Train Runnin’, Tony singing backing vocals while drinking beer, Lanaya and Steve impressed that Tony can sing and drink, Andy and Phil not helping by taking photos.

photo photo photo photo photo photo

A1’s Welcome To Summer Party
June 18, 2005. Bay Park.

A1 (Andy Cunningham, the Ozzie for whom the Koalas were first named) took pity and offered us our only gig of the year. A rip-roaring house party with lots of our friends drinking, just the way we like it. Excellent food courtesy of Jane and Anne. Dancing by the Koalas-tykes, Declan and Aiden.



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