The Koalas’ Gigs in 2000

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Australia DayCardiff, January 29
Heather’s 30th BirthdayVista, March 4
Debi’s 50th BirthdayPacific Beach, April 29
Paul’s Retirement PartyUniversity City, July 23
Andy (A1) and Gray’s HousewarmingEncinitas, July 23
Andy (A3) and Jennie’s Wedding ReceptionVista, August 5
Jeff’s Pool PartyPoway, Sept 16
Phil’s Halloween PartyMission Bay, October 28
CDM Christmas PartyVista, December 1
Festival of LightsSan Diego Wild Animal Park, December 7

Australia Day
January 29, Cardiff-by-the-Sea
The Psychedelic Koalas (minus drummer Ted Koala) play their first gig, at A1’s third-annual Ozzie Day Party. The big hit of the evening: A version of "Gloria" dedicated to A2’s stuffed sheep, Betsy. Singing along are Jane (of the caterering and entertaining service "Trenaman’s Treats") and host A1.


Heather’s 30th Birthday
March 4, Vista
Wild dancing, dueling singers and New Orleans-style flashing were the highlights of this night-long party. Jennie and A2 led the dance troupe as the band played on at Kelli’s hacienda-style, outdoor Jacuzzi Lounge. This is where we met our singer-to-be, Lanaya.

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Steve Phil Andy Ted



Debi’s 50th Birthday
April 29, Pacific Beach
Debi Schwarz’s birthday party was a grand and wild affair. In a spectacular house overlooking Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean, the Koalas (minus singer Lanaya Koala) shook the foundations and made the crowd dance.

Paul’s Retirement Party
July 23, University City
We’d never met Paul before but that didn’t stop us playing at his retirement party. Undaunted by requests such as "can you play quieter?", we entertained everyone who hadn’t gone inside to watch the Padres game. This was Lanaya’s debut, infact her first-ever public singing performance, and it went down well -- we got paid for the first time. A guest singer taught us our first Shania Twain song and Paul knew how to make martinis. Ted introduced his new floor tom, Phil sported a new guitar and Andy had a new bass amp.

photo photo photo

Andy (A1) and Gray’s Housewarming
July 29, Encinitas
A rockin’ good time was had at the housewarming party of Andy Cunningham (A1) and Gray Carpenter.

photo We played our first request -- "Love Potion No. 9" -- for our wonderful host, Gray, and showed off our new "Koalas" signs. Jennie, Jane, Janet, Kelli and A1 led the international crowd, packing the lounge to capacity and dancing to such Koalas favorites as "Time Warp" and "Gloria".

photo photo photo

photo photo photo

Andy (A3) and Jennie’s Wedding Reception
August 5, 2000. Vista.

A delightful evening was spent at the San Diego wedding reception of bassist Andy Hudson (A3) and lead-dancer Jennie. We had two guest musicians -- Andy’s brother Patrick played sax on various songs including "Hawaii Five-O" and Bob Couey played bagpipes on the AC/DC hit "It’s A Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock ’N’ Roll". Andy serenaded his new bride with the Sam Cooke song "Nothing Can Change This Love". (Also see Martin Carrington’s pictures: 1, 2).

Jeff’s Pool Party
September 16, 2000. Poway.
photo The Koalas avoided the fate of the other guests -- being thrown in the pool -- by playing non-stop rock-n-roll hits. Jeff (far right) celebrated his 40th birthday in style and Phil introduced the first Koalas business card.

photo photo photo

Phil’s Halloween Party
October 28, 2000. Mission Bay.

Jimi Hendrix, a bad prom date, two 70’s drop outs and Ziggy Stardust put the "low" in Halloween. Phil hired us a hall and a P.A. system and 126 people rocked the night away. Everyone dressed up so come and see the photos.

CDM Christmas Party
December 1. Vista.

The Koalas rock around the Christmas tree. Steve and Phil bought us a new P.A. system so now we at least look as though we’re professional.

photo photo

San Diego Wild Animal Park -- Festival of Lights
December 7. Escondido.


photoOur name appears in print for the first time! (we even get a contract.) The Koalas are listed as the support band for "Best Foot Forward", a pre-teen dance troupe who don’t even show up! But we had fun, despite interuptions by baboons and elephants. Lanaya started her fan club -- a group of six-year-old girls who drew pictures for her and asked for her autograph.

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