The Koalas’ Gigs in 2003

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Cindy’s 40th BirthdayKearny Mesa, March 22
San Diego County Fair 1Del Mar, June 22
San Diego County Fair 2Del Mar, June 27

San Diego County Fair 2
June 27, 2003. Del Mar.

Our best gig so far. We felt relaxed and had a fun time, which the late-night audience seemed to enjoy.


San Diego County Fair 2
June 22, 2003. Del Mar.

The biggest stage we’ve ever played. In fact, so large we kind of felt lost on it!


Cindy’s 40th Birthday
March 22, 2003. Kearny Mesa.

A repeat customer! Back in 2000, our third gig was held at the house of Curtis and Cindy. Three years later, Curtis hired us to play at Cindy’s surprise 40th birthday party. We ate a terrific band meal at the The Butcher Shop then played for a dance-crazy party crowd.

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