The Koalas’ Gigs in 2002

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The Comstock Bar and Grill 4Escondido, January 12
The Bremner’s Australia Day PartyDel Mar, January 26
The Comstock Bar and Grill 5Escondido, March 2
The Comstock Bar and Grill 6Escondido, April 27
UCSDLa Jolla, May 17
San Diego County FairDel Mar, June 18
Mc P’s Irish Pub and Grill 1Coronado, October 17
Phil’s Third Halloween PartyMission Bay, November 2

Phil’s Third Halloween Party
November 2, 2002. Mission Bay.

Pictures and text to come.

Mc P’s Irish Pub and Grill 1
October 17, 2002. Coronado.

logo photo The Koalas become a "real" bar band with a gig at Mc P’s. Known for its nightly live music, not to mention the Mulligan stew, this popular spot on Coronado island is the favorite bar of the U.S. Navy Seals.

We played 36 songs over 3-1/2 hours, including "Torn", "Stormy Monday", "Free Fallin’" and Steve’s new original, "Love Me Like A Song". The San Diego Union-Tribune honored us with our first mention in the Night and Day section, and we were listed on the Mc P’s web site. But most importantly, we met our youngest Koala fan -- Andy’s eight-week-old son, Redford (right).

photo photo

San Diego County Fair
June 18, 2002. Del Mar.

A "coming-of-age" gig for the Koalas.

We spruced up the act, wore our best band outfits, and entertained the crowd for two hours at the region’s largest fair. The adjective "Psychedelic" got dropped from our name and we became simply "The Koalas." We were honored to be listed alongside "Calf Bottle Feeding" and the hypnotist, and to play on the O’Brien Stage opposite the main entrance and Goat Mountain.

Shortly afterwards, a more established entertainer played on the main stage. So in our minds at least, we could believe that The Koalas were the support band for Little Richard!

UCSD -- The Patio at Cellular and Molecular Medicine
May 17, 2002. La Jolla.


Our good friend Valeria introduced us to the intellectual Ph.D. crowd, and we responded with our low-brow music. Steve demonstrated his new Fender amp, Andy showed off his new bass guitar (a Schecter Stiletto Elite-5 in Honeyburst, in case you want to know), and Lanaya sang two new Eva Cassidy-inspired blues songs: Ain’t No Sunshine and The Letter.

The Comstock Bar and Grill 6
April 27, 2002. Escondido.

We attempted to "talk with the audience" for the first time, with mixed results!

The Comstock Bar and Grill 5
March 2, 2002. Escondido.

photoAnother fun evening at the Comstock, debuting the song Another Piece of My Heart.

The Bremner’s Australia Day Party
Jan 26, 2002. Del Mar

photoPaul and Carol Bremner hosted this year’s Ozzie Day party, complete with lamb-on-the-barbie and the "So you think you’re Australian?" quiz.

Since the Koalas formed for an Australia Day party two years ago, this was our second birthday. Paul led "Waltzing Mathilda" and Andy sang "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport."

While singing the final song, Phil fended off the over-eager, conga-playing neighbor with the immortal line "You’re Wonderful Tonight, piss off."

The Comstock Bar and Grill 4
Jan 12, 2002. Escondido.

photoOur 21st gig. Watch out -- now we’re legal. Loads of Koalas fans came out to Escondido to welcome in our third year as a band. Ted introduced his Christmas present -- a pair of conga drums (here’s Ted being ably assisted by Jo Ann "the mic stand" Molter) -- and Brian sang the now-customary final song, "500 Miles."

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