The Koalas’ Gigs in 2004

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Hard Rock Cafe, La Jolla La Jolla, Sept 2
Hard Rock Cafe, La Jolla La Jolla, April 10
October 30, 2004. The Internet.

It’s not a gig, but the Koalas made the cover of’s newsletter. Take a look.

Hard Rock Cafe, La Jolla
September 2, 2004. La Jolla.


On only a few days’ notice, we were asked to fill in for another band. This was the first time that all six of us (now with Tony the keys as a member) played together on stage. We brought a camera to record this soon-to-be-famous event, but the photographer appears to have enjoyed the Hard Rock’s Guinness more.

Somewhere in this photo is (left to right): Tony, Phil, Lanaya, Ted, Steve, a large lamp and Andy.


Hard Rock Cafe, La Jolla
April 10, 2004. La Jolla.


The Hard Rock’s motto is "Love All, Serve All" but we didn’t know they were this generous. We got asked to play a gig here, and on a Saturday night too. Unfortunately Steve had booked a Hawai’i surf trip for that week so we drafter in a ringer, Ted’s friend Tony Pistillo on keyboards. Tony got up to speed quickly (either he’s good or we’re bad) and was such a success that he became an official Koala. A large crowd came but, unfortunately, none of them brought a camera.

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